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Summer School "Relativism in Philosophy and Politics"

  CFA: IUC Summer School "Relativism in Philosophy and Politics"
: Relativism has been a central topic of philosophical debate throughout the twentieth century, and it continues to be important and controversial in the twenty-first. And yet, precisely because relativism has been important in many different contexts, it can be difficult to form a comprehensive view of its many variants and versions. The purpose of this summer school is to bring together discussions concerning relativism in several subfields of philosophy – e.g. epistemology, metaphysics, ethics. An additional aim is to reflect on political uses of relativistic themes. We shall discuss questions like the following: How does – or: how should – relativism feature in feminist philosophy? Can relativist views make sense of moral progress? What are defensible versions of metaphysical or epistemic relativism? Can one motivate epistemic versions on the basis of the underdetermination of theory by observation? How should we theorize political uses of relativism? How does relativism compare with its competitors when it comes to making sense of perspectival expressions? What is the relationship between pragmatism and relativism? The course is open to Master and PhD students. The language of instruction is English. The number of participants is restricted to 25. Pending approval of participants’ home university, it is possible to earn 5 ECTS credits through attending the course and fulfilling the course requirements. For more details see the attached file.
Infos: E-Mail Adresse für Einreichungen: martin.kusch@univie.ac.at
Deadline: 15.03.2018
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Applications
Ort: Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik
Datum: 15.07.2018
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Veranstaltende Institution: IUC Dubrovnik, University of Vienna

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